ProTaxAppeal is a professional property valuation consulting firm that specializes in property tax valuations and appeals. We are not a law firm or an appraisal company. Rather we are an experienced property tax advocate for property owners and have saved millions of dollars in property taxes for our clients over the years.

ProTaxAppeal is very aggressive and determined to get our clients a fair assessment through the use of our proprietary software and extensive knowledge of the property tax code. We recommend every property owner review their property assessment yearly and not just assume the assessor is fairly assessing your property. Most property owners have no idea if they are fairly assessed but we can tell you. For a small review fee you can easily find out if your property is over assessed and if you should appeal.

Our Mission


If we determine your property is over assessed and we recommend an appeal then we will file your appeal for FREE. And there is no application fee, no retainer fee, and no appraisal fee. Our fee is entirely contingent upon us reducing your assessment and saving you money. No assessment reduction, NO fee. We also do not require you to have a recent appraisal or obtain a recent appraisal.


We make the appeal process simpler than simple and that is no easy task given the complex property tax system. We have a simple agreement and authorization that we can email or fax to you today. Just review, complete, sign, and return. Now that is simple.


We use our unique, proprietary Property Tax Analysis (PTA) System to assess your property accurately. This is a state of the art software system we developed specifically for property tax appeals. This system has been proven accurate by our ~93% success rate on appeals.

I tried dealing with the Zion Assessor with no luck. Thanks to ProTaxAppeal what the assessor said they would not do you somehow got them to do it. Amazing. - Zion, IL

I just want to say thanks for a great job and the professional service you provide. I am now a client for life. - Chicago, IL

Wow! Thank you guys. Kane County is so difficult to deal with but you managed to exceed my expectations by a mile. - Dundee, IL